“Masters of the Jewel”

3rd Exhibition of artistic and quality goldsmith art.

From 7th to 10th October 2011

Palazzina Liberty (Corso 22 Marzo – Largo Marinai d’Italia)

Milano – Italy

The exhibition "Maestri del Gioiello – Masters of the Jewel" is planned and organized by Association Cultural and Artistic Iperbole with the organizational support of Events doc of Myriam Vallegra and a group of expert goldsmiths.

Since the first edition of the show in 2009, the event is patronized from Common of Milan, Province of Milan, Region Lombardy, Chamber of Commerce of Milan and others important institutional authorities.

“Maestri del Gioiello - Masters of the Jewel”, registered trade mark to the Chamber of Commerce, is an important and significant event for the business sector of the artistic goldsmith’s art and for the keen of jewellery art.

The event is particular and unique because it deals especially and only the jewel of art, exclusively hand made by true goldsmith enterprises.    


The qualitative level of the show is very high, the participants are selected by a expert commission that sizes up the technique, skill and artistic flair. This guarantees to public and operators of the sector that visit the event to have the safety and guarantee to really see artistic creations realized by hand by professional artist artisans. 


Why visit “Maestri del Gioiello – Masters of the Jewel” ?  

“Maestri del Gioiello – Masters of the Jewel” is an opportunity, for more to free entry, to see, as happens today hardly, a specific event of goldsmith craftsmanship, admiring jewels realized from "Masters" of a sublime cleverness.  


The show promotes and makes to know the small artist artisans to the public.

They haven’t got the economic strength and of image of the great marks of jewellery, but they propose productions of more elevated level for the use of the materials, the technique, the innovation and creativeness, realizing themselves the pieces, one to one, taking care of every single aspect of it.  


“Maestri del Gioiello – Masters of the Jewel” wants to stimulate the visitors, the retailers, the representatives of jewels and everybody that love, wear and purchase jewels, to look beyond, to know and enhance the true talents, to propose new ideas, personalized jewels, unique, original, creative, different the one from the other, understanding that the personalization and the distinction enhance each of us.  


We try to approach the people to the handicraft, because it’s the field in which Italy has excelled for centuries and that today introduces still great talents, but all of us have to help it, to support, also in our choices of purchase, daily and for every occasion, simple or important. 


If we sustain the handicraft, we also sustain our Country, our history, our traditions, our culture, our economy, the job.  


“Maestri del Gioiello – Masters of the Jewel” is an opportunity to meet the goldsmith masters , to know their technique and admire splendid and glamorous artistic jewels, from the more ancient inspired by Celtic, Lombard and Etruscan styles, up to the modernist, but always handmade manufactured.

“Maestri del Gioiello - Masters of the Jewel” is born to help, to support and promote the high quality goldsmith’s handicraft sector, preserve and protect the ancient Italian goldsmith’s tradition.

The goldsmith’s job is an artisan profession, ancient and modern in the mean time, it is an education coming from the ancient times but having still valid and great artists today.

“Maestri del Gioiello - Masters of the Jewel” has the purpose to give particular emphasis to the artistic Italian ability in the goldsmith’s field, giving the possibility to the visitors the opportunity to know some of the best handmade creations.

An exhibition to discover and to see the beautiful one … 

During the exhibition will be assigned the “Jacopo da Trezzo” award, in the honour of the first Lombard goldsmith who in the 1500 cut and worked the diamond.  This year the award’s subject is “A jewel for a woman of the Risorgimento Italiano" - From the values of the Risorgimento to today, a jewel for resourceful and open minded women of every time”.

All the goldsmith exhibitors can participate to the competition, they will show one jewel of theirs and the visitors will vote the one that better represent the suggested subject.

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